Employees are expected to feel safe, secure and comfortable at the workplace, and employers are expected to know and abide by the employment laws. Of course, the real world is different, and employees and staff often have to go through workplace discrimination & sexual harassment. Law firms such as Halunen Law are around to offer help for plaintiffs, but before you go ahead and find a lawyer, here’s a look at the different types of workplace discrimination.

Knowing different forms of workplace discrimination

Your employer is expected to treat everyone in the same way, but there are many cases, where people have faced the consequence of belonging to a specific religion, gender, race, age group, or often because of their sexual orientation. You should consider filing a case of workplace discrimination against your employer, if

  • You have been wrongfully terminated
  • You have been asked to sign papers to give up your rights
  • You have been subjected to discrimination because of exercising your rights or raising your voice
  • A senior or co-worker has made a sexual advance – verbal or physical
  • You were asked to quit with no privileges and rights
  • You were denied promotion
  • You have been treated differently because of your gender
  • You have been subjected to unfair treatment because you are pregnant
  • You were mistreated or not given your dues because of your sexual preferences
  • You were subjected to discrimination because of disability
  • You were denied rights that were given to others
  • You have been asked to retire because of your age
  • You have been pressurized to quit your job for any of the reasons mentioned above

How can an employment lawyer help?

Depending on the facts of the case, employment lawyers can help you decide if fighting the case is a wise idea and what you can possibly expect in terms of outcome. Many law firms have a free consultation service, which can be considered, and you can discuss all relevant aspects to get a fair understanding of the expenses involved. The settlement and justice should be worth the fight, and your lawyer can help in negotiating thing with the employer as required. A number of cases are actually settled outside the court, but if the matter goes into trial, the lawyer will work to protect your interests and prove your case.

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